Pine Valley Aerial View 2017

Our Story

The motivation for Pine Valley Outfitters comes from our childhood experiences. We grew up in the suburbs of Saint Louis, but escaped to the Missouri countryside on every available weekend. Our log cabin, with no electric or running water, was simple but provided more than enough shelter for us to enjoy the woods, fields, and year-round stream just footsteps away. We fished, hiked, explored, and enjoyed the evening stars at our campground - Pine Valley.

We cherish the memories we have created at Pine Valley. Our rugged oasis inspired our spirit of adventure and respect for nature. Our mission at Pine Valley Outfitters is to spread that Midwestern love and appreciation we have for the outdoors. We want to equip you with quality and affordable outdoor gear for your next escape from the city.

We like to pay it forward here at Pine Valley Outfitters. Through our Hammocks for the Homeless program, 50% of profits from the sale of all hammocks and hammock accessories goes toward the fight against homelessness. In addition, 10% of profits from all other Pine Valley Outfitters' products are used to further fund the cause.