10 Essential Items for Your Day Hike

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10 Essential Items for Your Day Hike

If you’re planning your next day hike or never hiked before and don’t know what to bring, then look no further. Here are some essential items to make your day hike a success!

1. Backpack

Essentially the most important item on the list. Your backpack must be lightweight and comfortable for your day-long adventure. Backpacks with chest and waist straps are ideal for hiking because they provide extra support. 

Our Pick: CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration PackCamelBak Pine Valley Outfitters

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are one of those things you hope you never need. However, accidents happen and it’s important to be prepared for injuries while on the trail.

Our Picks: Lifeline Trail Light Day Hiker First Aid Kit - 57 Pieces

3. Water

Stay hydrated. Dehydration can be your worst enemy and it’s important to bring plenty of fluids. Hydration backpacks are a good way to carry plenty of water and insulated tumblers can keep your water cold on those especially hot days.

Our Picks: 
4. Food

A day long hike can leave you feeling tired and famished. Make sure to bring enough nourishment to get you through your hike. Energy bars have the nutrients you need to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Our Pick: Clif Bar 12 Bar Variety Pack, 1 Bar of Each Flavor

5. Appropriate Attire

Layers and comfortable shoes are essential in your hiking experience. Layers can help you adjust to changing temperatures, whether hot or cold. Comfortable shoes will keep you from getting blisters and sore feet!

Our Picks:
6. Camera

You never know when you’re going to come across something worth sharing. Keep a camera at the ready for those spontaneous moments worth remembering.

Our Pick: Akaso EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 

7. Hammock

Hikes can be long and strenuous. A portable hammock is the best way to take a break and relax. They are lightweight, convenient, and easy to hang!

Our Pick: Pine Valley Outfitters Double Hammock with 10 ft. Tree Straps and Compression Strap 

Pine Valley 10 Essential Hiking Items

8. Sun Protection

Stay protected from those harmful UV rays! Bring sunscreen and/or a hat. Find a hat that is made with breathable material to keep your head from getting too hot. Don’t forget your sunglasses, either!

Our Picks: 
9. Insect Repellent

Ticks and mosquitoes are known to carry harmful diseases. Always keep some insect repellent on you to prevent bug bites and to avoid disease.

Our Picks: 
10. Toilet Paper

You never know. Keeping toilet paper handy will prevent you from resorting to unsavory alternatives. Nobody wants to use leaves!

Our Picks: 


Now that you have your hiking essentials, check out some of these tips for hiking with your dog!

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