Hammocks for the Homeless


Our Mission

Fifty Percent (50%) of profits from all Pine Valley Outfitters’ hammock and hammock accessories are donated to our nonprofit recipients in the fight against homelessness.

Hammocks for the Homeless began with a simple premise -- pay it forward to those less fortunate than us. There are over 600 thousand people in America who are experiencing the hardships of homelessness. This includes people living on the streets, in multi-family homes, transitional living, homeless shelters, and even children awaiting foster-care placement. 

These unstable living conditions are a cause for concern to us. Through our Hammocks for the Homeless program we donate 50% of profits from all hammocks and hammock accessories to nonprofit organizations who are taking a stand against homelessness. 

As the company grows to include other products so does our commitment to the homeless. In addition to hammocks and accessories, 10% of profits from all other Pine Valley Outfitters' products are used to further fund the Hammocks for the Homeless cause.

  Our Recipients: